Put a Ring On It: A Guide to Awesome Rings for Him

Put a Ring on It- A Guide to Awesome Rings for Him Pinterest.png

Maybe my groom was pickier than most, but it took us forever to find a wedding band he loved. So many jewelers carry the same twenty or so rings for men. After so many disappointing trips to our local jewelers, my groom was very discouraged. Zach wanted something unique, and I set out to find it for him. We ordered an amazing ring online and he couldn’t be happier! After some serious internet searching and Pinterest pinning, The Blush Bride is here to help you Bridal Babes! I have compiled a list of cool collections that may be right for your Mr. Right.

Staghead Designs

Staghead Designs

We ordered my husband’s wedding band from Staghead Designs and we couldn’t be happier! Unique styles from all kinds of materials. They have bands made from all kinds of materials.  Wood, antler, and copper oh my! You can choose from their collections or design a custom ring for your groom. The copper compliments my rose gold perfectly without being too feminine. Since our wedding they’ve expanded to carry groomsman gifts and a silicon active ring line. It took several weeks to receive his ring, so order in advance!

See the Staghead Designs Collection Here

Aide-mémoire Jewelry

Aide Memoire Ring

Handmade in Seattle, the eco friendly and ethical choices from Aide-mémoire Jewelry may be just what your groom is looking for. We love this concrete design! They also have customization options including engraving and gemstones. We love the simplicity and earthy tones of these rings. Perfect for the groom who wants something unique, but not flashy. Bonus points for recycled and ethically sourced materials! Feels good all around.

See the Aide-mémoire Jewelry Collection Here

Richter Scale Rings

Richter Scale Ring

I am completely obsessed with this collection. Fresh and unique designs like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Richter Scale Rings are ahead of the curve and come with a 100% guarantee for the life of the ring. Even the guys will be impressed. I was immediately drawn to this style, “Vein” made of Damascus steel. Their website boasts an unbelievable turnaround time of two weeks for handmade rings. Don’t settle for a boring ring with a short engagement!

See the Richter Scale Rings Collection Here

Jewelry by Johan

Jewelry by Johan

Is your groom out of this world? Meet the meteor rings from Jewerly by Johan. (Cheesy, but I couldn’t resist.) We are in love with this nature inspired ring. The jeweler also features rings made from dinosaur bone! Custom styles may take a few weeks, but they do carry select signature styles in stock if you can’t wait to put it on his finger! They have a ladies collection too if you too want a ring on the wild side.

See the Jewelry by Johan Collection Here

Things to Keep in Mind

+ Always get measured by a professional jeweler. Don’t try DIY methods when dealing with wedding bands!

+ Do order yourself and/or hubby to be silicon active wear rings if he has a hands on job or you like to work out. Whether its for camping or power tool projects, they’re a lifesaver. Keep your fingers and your rings safe.

+ Give yourself plenty of time before the big day for the ring to come in! The last thing you need is to be stressed about shipments before your wedding. (Trust me!)

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*All pictures belong to the individual companies mentioned above. I am not affiliated with these companies or paid by them, I just think they have cool stuff.


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