Advice for a Wow Worthy Wedding Website

Advice for a Wow Worthy Wedding WebsiteWedding websites are a fairly new addition to the wedding planning to do list. A wedding website can be a great resource for your guests regarding your upcoming nuptials. Communicate attire, parking, location, registry information & more through your very own web page. As a wedding guest, I absolutely love to read the how we met or how he proposed stories. Wedding websites can be completely customized to you and your groom, but there are a few items every site should have.

Custom Domain Name

Nobody wants to print “” on their wedding invitations. Most wedding website hosts such as Wedding Wire and The Knot offer custom domain names. For around $20, you could have your own domain name that is easier for guests to remember and looks pretty on all of that stationery. Depending on whats available, you could combine your last names + wedding to create a simple site name, or you can be creative. No matter your style, this is a must do when starting your wedding website.

Your Lovely Faces

You paid good money for those engagement photos! Your wedding website is the perfect place to show them off to all of your guests! Create a gallery, use them as a header, be creative! Another fun way to use photos is to introduce your bridal party. Use photos you already have with each bridal party member, or get the group together for a fun activity and snap a couple. Have you been dating for a while? Post some then and now photos from the beginning of your relationship to present day.

Registry Information

That guest who lost your beautiful paper invite? Direct them to your wedding website for everything gift giving! Linking to your registries makes it easy for your guests to find them without searching for your names. Guests can shop from the comfort of their couch and have them mailed directly to you. The Knot even allowed us to choose a charity they give back to for purchases made through this link. (Gifts and good causes! Yay!)


Yes your guests should have the address, but do they know that it’s an outside ceremony? A big faux pas is not telling your guests how to dress! As a wedding guest, I appreciate when the couple is specific about the formality and location of their event. My husband and I were married in downtown Kansas City, so parking information was crucial. Try to put yourself is your guests’ shoes, what would you want to know about your venue? Everyone will appreciate it!

How you met Handsome

As I mentioned before, the couple’s story is my favorite part of any wedding website. (I think it’s a favorite of most guests.) You’d be surprised how many friends and family members haven’t heard the whole story! Be sure to include lots of photos in this section and write in smaller paragraphs that make it easy to follow along. Have your partner proof read before posting and see if they think of any details you missed!

Things to Keep in Mind

+ Wedding websites are public. If you’re getting married at your parents’ home or concerned about wedding crashers, create a pin number for your guests to get into your website.

+ If you are using social media hashtags, you can share them with your guests here!

+ Be sure you know what kind of rights you have to professional engagement photos you post. You should have rights to the photos without their logo for your website, but double check with your photographer.

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