How to Register without Offending your Grandmother

How to Register Without Offending Your GrandmotherWedding registries are getting a little out of hand nowadays. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want to help you build a car or book your honeymoon excursions. I think most wedding guests feel the same. The purpose of a wedding registry is to help the bride and groom set up their home together. With wedding magazines telling you to register for everything from furniture to $400 blenders, what’s a Bridal Babe to do? On to the do’s and don’ts when registering. You can create a modern registry that represents your style without offending your guests!

Determine What You Need

Yes, I know. Pinterest is filled with lists of items “every bride needs to register for”. Although there are some staples every kitchen needs, Bed Bath & Beyond hands every bride and groom an entire folder with items they think you should scan. Before you and the fiance hit the nearest department store, think about your lifestyle and what you really use. Make a list yourself, or edit a list you’ve found online. Take an inventory of what you already have. Do you already have enough coffee mugs to start a cafe? Don’t add any to the registry! Have you completely worn out that frying pan? Add a new frying pan to the list!

Research Your Options

There are so many places to register nowadays! My husband and I registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel. I always recommend choosing Bed Bath & Beyond along with another store that fits your style. Guests love Bed Bath & Beyond because they have great coupons, gift wrapping, and lots of locations. Wedding guests are happy to buy you gifts, try to make it as easy as possible! Search for stores that carry the highest number of items you want. The sweet spot for registries is usually two stores. After the wedding, department stores offer incentives to complete your registry.

Keep Prices in Mind

Register for items in different price points. Try to have a range of gifts, but from my experience the majority of guests are looking to spend around $50 to $100 on a gift for the happy couple. So the majority of the items on your registry should fall within this range. My husband and I did register for a few pricier items that were important to us, and we did receive them all! I think the key is to have balance. Registering for furniture, flat screen T.V.’s, and large appliances is not usually received well by wedding guests. Family and close friends who want to spend more can always approach you regarding a larger purchase.

Don’t Duplicate

A wedding registry should be cohesive. If you register for multiple sets of flatware or china, you will end up with four plates from one set and six from the other! Some brides try to give their guests a variety of items to choose from, but this is not the purpose of a registry. Think of your registry as styling your new home. Although not everything has to “match” if that isn’t your style, think of the overall feel you want for your home. When your friends come over for dinner, you will want enough matching plates to set the table.

Telling Your Guests

You may want to include a smaller card with your invitation that lets your guests know where you are registered or create a page on your wedding website. Guests want to know where you are registered, but it doesn’t need to be printed on the front of your beautiful invitation. Your bridal party and family can help spread the word as well if guests are curious where to buy you a gift!

Things to Keep in Mind

+ Don’t try to complete your registry in one day! That would be very overwhelming. It takes most brides multiple trips to register.

+ Do register months before your wedding and update it through the month of your wedding. Be prepared for showers, engagement parties, and guests who purchase in advance!

+Don’t let the sales people pressure you! Never register for items you know you don’t want or need because the associate told you to.

+ Do add enough items for your guest list, but don’t add items to reach a certain number. Many guests also give cash. (Sweet spot it around your guest count number or a little less. Couples and families will purchase together.)

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